the data logger, which can see electrons…

We introduce the Logger Paul data logger “Ampère”.
This high quality standalone unit has a robust construction which also makes it ideal for use in industrial environments and can be used to measure and store over 400,000,000 DC current readings from -600A to +600A depending on configuration.

The data logger unit is compact, portable and incredibly versatile. The data is written to a micro SD card in csv-format and can be accessed with any SD card reader or a corresponding interface on the PC. Further, the current measured value can be checked via a WiFi connection, so access to the measured data is highly flexible and follows your routines on site or later back at your desk.

An internal battery supplies the electronics with power for over a day and can be charged via a USB-C interface. For long-term measurements, the data logger can also be powered directly during the measurement via the USB-C connection.


Operating Manual

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Quick Installation Guide

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Excel template to visualisate the measuring results


Does the Ampère also measure AC current?

Unfortunatelly the data logger is exclusivly designed for DC current. But he always wanted to have a sibling, so time will bring up the solution for AC as well.

You are interested in the Ampère?

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